Based in Toronto, Canada, Lazy Wolf Games was created as an opportunity for collaboration and creation. We are a company focused on creating games and content which encourage people to socialize. We also believe that strategy and imagination are the key to having amazing experiences.



BEARLY WORKING is a fast paced open-auction game for 2 to 4 players where you purchase workers and hire evil koalas to sabotage your opponents.



Everyone has great ideas. If you would like to get in contact with us about a game idea, or just want to inquire about anything in general, please do so! We’d love to hear from you.

3 days ago
Forced Perspective Entertainment

The guys at Forced Perspective Entertainment are hosting weekly giveaways for the remainder of their KS campaign! This week they are giving away a copy of Bearly Working + Coup Rebellion G54. You ... See more

In honor of the Kickstarter for Claim: The Search for the Gold Nugget, we're giving out sets of free games every week during the campaign! Check out the campaign page (http://kck.st/2l03MJU), and ... See more

6 days ago
Bearly Working

Bid smart, bid quick, and good luck because Bearly Working is now on Kickstarter. Go grab your copy now!!


A fast paced open-auction game for 2 to 4 players where you purchase workers and hire evil koalas to sabotage your opponents.

1 week ago
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Bearly Working launches on Kickstarter in T minus 2 days! Mark your calendars for Feb. 13th! Lazy Wolf is excited to share with you our debut game! Share and like our page to stay up to date with ... See more

2 weeks ago
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Lazy Wolf is proud to announce that the official launch date for our debut game Bearly Working is around the corner! Support us on February 13th, 2017 by sharing our Kickstarter with your friends ... See more

2 weeks ago
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It is said when Michelangelo carved The David he wept. When we look at our David we cry too. The ugly kind of crying. Like it's almost involuntary. You just look at him and it's as if someone put ... See more

3 weeks ago
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This is Tommy. He is a wolf. He also has a bear on his head. Don't ask why. Tommy has issues. Anyway, Tommy handles a lot of the behind the scenes stuff at Lazy Wolf Games - such as ... See more

4 weeks ago
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Hey you. Psst. Come over into this alley for a second. You looking for some goods? I have a private sale just for you. Take a peak at this real quick - I can't expose the goods for too long. ... See more

1 month ago
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As promised here is the next member of the pack! Aloha Angela. She stands 5'5 and loves taking long walks along the beach. She's single and ready to - wait what do you mean I'm not allowed to talk ... See more

1 month ago
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So you're trying to make it big on Instagram? You looking to reach the level where you can sell protein powder to random people on the internet? Well what better way to gain likes than to post some ... See more

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